Staking is the best way of earning a passive income, and that too, simply holding some of the digital assets you own. Here is VIPS Finstock's best staking program which is dedicated to help our users generate a great passive staking income.

Benefits of Staking with VIPS Finstock

Frequently Asked Questions

When a user decides to stake their earned assets, all they have to do is hold them for a selected period. With staking, you commit your tokens to the blockchain network and actually help in strengthening the network. In return for staking your crypto, you earn more cryptocurrency.

The assets that follow the proof-of-stake model are generally available for staking. Currently, in VIPS Finstock staking program our users can stake and undefined and avail exciting rewards.

Early redemption is possible; however, you will have to bear the penalty of the total staking amount, please check the Terms & Conditions for more details.