About Us

We are a group of young adopters of digital assets. We were so fascinated by the scope of the constantly growing ecosystems and the vast opportunities it has to offer in the future that it became our goal to be able to give the same to you. The dream became our reality in 2021 when we decided to launch an exchange platform that our users can fully trust and rely on. We truly believe that digital assets and blockchain technology are the future, and on that basis, we are set to deliver our most prized possession- VIPS Finstock. VIPS Finstock offers the following services:
  • A secure exchange platform,
  • Easy-to-understand user interface,
  • Immediate and responsive customer support,
  • Hassle-free facilitation of funds from the bank account to digital asset wallet, and most importantly,
Additional utilities to benefit from, along with well-deserved rewards for our early adopters and supporters.
We started with a mission of “crypto for all,” and we are driven by our vision to make our users crypto-friendly. We want to ease the market's ecosystem by providing the bare minimum and well-deserved top-notch services. We believe that the market's knowledge and the platform should be made available to every crypto-enthusiast.
Vision: After observing the recurring problems Indian investors and adapters are facing, we envisioned creating a platform that solved our users' problems by giving everything, right from education to earning and trading the assets for their daily use. The users will find everything they might need at the single destination - VIPS Finstock.
Mission: With the help of the power of blockchain technology, we aim to simplify the process of trading of digital assets by providing a platform that attracts new and pros alike. Needless to say, the user-friendly interface and good-grade security will fulfill all the necessities. Currently, we are providing our services, but not limited to, Indian users. But we will be expanding internationally, with our head office in Pune, India.